EclassMobileApi v2 is here


GUnet’s open eclass is an e-learning platform written in PHP. It is used from the most of the universities in Greece and from my university as well.

The story

So, my Windows 10 app written for learning purposes needed to comunicate with eclass to show some information about the user. The user would login, see information about the courses, in which he/she is enrolled and logout. This process was implemented inside the app on that time.

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Upgrade bootstrap 3 to 4 in ASP.NET Core MVC Identity deafult template


Recently, I had to work with the default ASP.NET Core MVC template, which uses twitter bootstrap v3.3.7. I decided that it would be nice to upgrade and make use of all the amazing stuff v4.x.x brings to us!

I wanted to gather the main changes, we shall apply at the default template to integrate bootstrap v4 in our project. I searched over the internet, but I wasn’t able to find clear steps of how to do that. Therefore, here it comes a small article, about this migration.🎉🎉

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